The Solace System

Accommodations | Community Buildings



Innovative, Adaptable and Permanent

Economical and sustainable, the Solace System offers an unparalleled building solution for a variety of applications. Mass timber interior structures are insulated and protected from external elements by a Sprung tensioned membrane envelope. This near airtight enclosure results in significant operational savings.

These components provide the structure with a high degree of strength and flexibility that can endure even the most extreme weather conditions and seismic activity.

Interior and exterior structures have indefinite life-spans making the Solace System a permanent and durable asset. All components are fully demountable and reconfigurable, allowing structures to be relocated and repurposed to meet any requirements.

Tensioned Membrane Envelope

Open spaces and natural features are the hallmarks of the Solace System.






Strong and Durable

  • Permanent, demountable
  • Endures extreme weather conditions
  • Resistant to seismic and cyclonic activity
  • Resistant to mold and corrosion


Expansive Interior Spaces

  • Natural light
  • Long sight lines
  • Open courtyards and atriums
  • Common areas and facilities

Fully Customizable

  • Size and shape design flexibility
  • Custom tailored to client specifications
  • Custom graphics 
  • An array of colours


Environmental Sustainability

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • LEED certifiable
  • Prefabricated, no construction waste
  • 100% recyclable Aluminum substructure







Mass Timber Interiors

An engineered product with exceptional strength and durability, timber adds natural beauty to any environment.

Strong and Durable

  • Comparable to concrete, brick and block
  • No dimensional constraints
  • Superior performance in fire and seismic activity


Fully Customizable

  • Structures built to any height 
  • Pre-fabricated to any size, shape, design
  • Units configured to any layout

Health and Wellbeing

  • Clean indoor air quality
  • Resistant to the growth of mold
  • Excellent insulating and heat storage properties


Environmental Sustainability

  • Renewable and sustainable resource
  • Carbon sink, produces carbon credits
  • Repurposable and re-usable



Innovative and sustainable, Solace structures provide a host of benefits.




  • Lowest lifecycle cost when compared to conventional structures
  • Permanent buildings with a 50+ year life
  • Relocatable and re-usable for multiple purposes



  • Reduced footprint lessens the impact of development
  • Up to 50% less energy required to heat, cool and light than conventional buildings
  • Buildings are primarily comprised of renewable resources
  • Opportunities to incorporate renewable power for an off-the-grid facility



  • Improved health and wellbeing of occupants
  • Workforce operations can be converted into valuable assets for nearby communities
  • Affordable community infrastructure closes the gap in quality of life between rural and urban areas




Repurposing Capability

Solace System Longhouse components are fully demountable for relocation and reconfiguration. This capability allows Industry to reconfigure workforce accommodations to meet other infrastructure requirements as the project transitions through phases. After project completion, the Solace System Longhouse can be repurposed for use by the local community. Recreation centres, medical facilities or schools, the Solace System Longhouse is a mechanism for communities to acquire valuable permanent assets. Largely paid for by project sponsors, communities can become more self-sufficient at minimal capital expense.

Commercial Operations

  • Accommodations for operations staff
  • Maintenance buildings and workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Bulk material stockpiling
  • Laboratories

Facilities for Communities

  • Recreation centres (ice rink, swimming pool, sports courts)
  • Schools and training centres
  • Administrative and office space
  • Child care, youth centres, elder care
  • Cultural and community space


Advantages of Solace Structures




  • Built by small teams of specialists
  • Rapid construction in all weather conditions
  • Prefabrication results in no construction waste


Building System

  • Demountable, permanent structures
  • Requires smaller footprint
  • Sustains heavy snowloads, cyclones and seismic activity
  • Lower cost to operate and maintain
  • Proven building system


  • Flat stacked for efficient transport to remote building sites
  • Global availability of components
  • Complete structure is portable and redeployable



  • Complies with urban hotel zoning requirements
  • LEED certifiable
  • Conforms to Alberta (2006) and National (2012) Building Codes
  • Conforms to Residential Fire Codes (Division 3 Group C)
  • Fully sprinklered per NFPA 13R