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Erection of first structure of recovery effort within Fort McMurray

The First Pac West Consortium of Companies is responding to the situation in Fort McMurray. We are an Aboriginal company that has an alliance with the McMurray Métis (MNA Local 1935). Our consortium has active projects underway within Fort McMurray as a part of the rebuilding effort. We have equipment and land ready for use with strong, local connections within the community of Fort McMurray.

First Pac West Consortium of Companies offers turnkey structures that are portable for rapid deployment and pre-fabricated for quick on-site assembly. These structures have a long lifespan that allows a response to changing needs. They can be relocated or repurposed for a multitude of short-term or long-term uses.

We are committed to bringing a large, effective workforce supported by as many local companies and labour as possible. Our crews will be totally self-contained as to not burden local infrastructure or services.



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