Community Infrastructure


Essential community infrastructure is key to ensuring rural and remote regions have the same quality of life and access to basic services enjoyed by those in urban areas. These amenities help increase the competitiveness of small communities in growing their populations as well as attracting and retaining businesses who provide employment and services for residents. Affordable in both capital and operating expense, the flexibility of the Solace System Longhouse creates an opportunity to meet many of the community’s needs within a single structure.Utilities




First Pac West is investing in water and wastewater treatment innovation for rural and remote communities based on its core principles of developing the sustainable and resilient infrastructure necessary to protect the environment and enable community development. Responding to the needs of communities, we are engineering treatment plant technology that is economical, incorporates natural treatment processes on a small footprint, achieves a high level of performance and durability and is simple to operate and maintain. 

Many small communities rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. Groundwater produced from confined aquifers is naturally filtered and typically free from disease causing bacteria but treatment is often required to address high levels of mineralization and provide residual disinfection. First Pac West offers water treatment plants specially designed to treat groundwater by harnessing the natural processes of biological filtration and ultraviolet light disinfection. Depending on the composition of the source water, our units can also include ion exchange to soften water or remove other minerals.

For treating wastewater, a membrane bioreactor produces high grade treated effluent that meets discharge requirements and minimizes impact on surrounding environments. The unit includes aerated biological treatment, fine membrane filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, as well as phosphorus reduction to minimize nutrient impact and potential for algae blooms in nearby water bodies.

For efficient delivery and installation in remote areas, our self-contained, modular, ‘plug-and-play’ units are built around proven biological-mechanical hybrid treatment systems. High quality components are prefabricated, installed, plumbed and wired into each unit before shipping to site.

Key design advantages:

  • Minimal on-site setup time
  • Safe working environment
  • Wireless communications for remote monitoring and management
  • Design allows visual observation of the process
  • Membranes can be serviced any time of the year
  • Includes composite sampler for routine sampling
  • O&M manual included
  • Modular construction provides ease of future expansion