The Solace System provides a host of sustainable benefits.  It is known to have the lowest lifecycle cost when compared to conventional structures with permanent builds lasting 50+ years.  As it is relocatable and re-usable for multiple purposes, the sustainability from both an environmental and economic prospective far outpaces current traditional construction projects which typically use concrete, brick and block.  The social impact includes improved health and wellbeing of occupants as the design of the Solace System creates a collaborative, open space throughout.




Lowest lifecycle cost when compared to conventional structures
Permanent buildings with a 50+ year life
Relocatable and re-usable for multiple purposes


Reduced footprint lessens the impact when in-development
Up to 50% less energy required to heat, cool and light than conventional buildings
Buildings are primarily comprised of renewable resources
Opportunities to incorporate renewable power for an off-the-grid facility


Improved health and wellbeing of occupants
Workforce operations can be converted into valuable assets for nearby communities
Affordable community infrastructure closes the gap in quality of life between rural and urban areas