First Pac West Group of Companies

At First Pac West, we enhance quality of life by contributing to the well-being of communities.  Across Canada and globally, we work with a broad range of communities, in adverse climates and on challenging terrain.  Our clients are diverse; from Indigenous communities and small towns to national governments and temporary communities such as settlements for those displaced by natural disasters or civil war.  

We work closely with the resource industry and the communities in which they operate, providing workforce accommodations and ancillary buildings for major resource and infrastructure projects.  We match the requirements of each project with the unique needs of the surrounding communities, enhancing capacities and capabilities with our innovative building system.

First Pac West provides accommodations and community facilities with our patented Solace System Longhouse.  For developing communities, the Solace System Longhouse is a mechanism to achieving self-sufficiency.  It’s a gathering place to engage and foster a sense of community, a business incubator for economic growth and development and a cultural centre to showcase community heritage and practice traditional culture.

For Industry and project sponsors, the Solace System Longhouse provides superior and spacious workforce lodging.  By providing a higher quality of living, the Solace System Longhouse sets a new standard for workforce accommodations, a valuable tool for the recruitment, retention and productivity of a workforce. 

Notably, the Solace System Longhouse can be repurposed into long term community buildings for host communities after project completion.  This feature can be vital to the success of a project, allowing Industry and project sponsors to earn the social license to operate in Indigenous communities.  The Solace System Longhouse is a catalyst, bridging the gap between Industry and community, bringing a truly collaborative approach to project and community development; creating a series of economic benefits and enhancing quality of living for all.


Our Founders

Co-Inventors, Co-Founders, Co-Owners, Chairmain of the Board & CEO, Board Director & President, Husband and Wife, Peter and Tammy





Peter Molander, Chief Executive Officer

Peter brings thirty years of experience in land development and construction having specialized in residential and commercial/industrial subdivision and land assembly. A founding member of First Pac West Group of Companies and a developer of the Solace System Longhouse, Peter oversaw the growth of the company to include workforce accommodations and operational services. Peter’s Métis heritage guides First Pac West’s mandate for community involvement for sustainable development.


Tammy Monsell, President

Having specialized in residential and commercial properties, land assembly and development and property management of short and long term rentals, Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge in community planning and development. A founding member of First Pac West Group of Companies and developer of the Solace System Longhouse, Tammy takes pride in her Métis heritage and strives to improve the Aboriginal communities in which First Pac West operates.







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