Community Buildings

Solace System | Accommodations


Improving Quality of Life

Essential community infrastructure is key to ensuring rural and remote regions have the same quality of life and access to basic services enjoyed by those in urban areas. These amenities help increase the competitiveness of small communities in growing their populations as well as attracting and retaining businesses who provide employment and services for residents. Affordable in both capital and operating expense, the flexibility of the Solace System Longhouse creates an opportunity to meet many of the community’s needs within a single structure.

Room to Grow

The flexibility of the Solace System allows for custom configuration to meet the unique needs of each community.


Multi-Use Facilities

  • Multipurpose rooms, exercise space
  • Hockey arenas and swimming pools
  • Meeting rooms and conference space
  • Offices and administrative space
  • Training centres and schools
  • Youth centre, daycare, eldercare and healthcare
  • Performing arts and cultural centre


Affordability and Efficiency

The airtight environment created by our tensioned fabric exterior results in heating and cooling efficiencies providing significant operational cost savings.

Reconfigurable Structures

The Solace System Longhouse is designed to allow for the facilities to be expanded as additional amenities are required. Interior structures can be re-configured to meet the changing needs of the community.