Health, wellness and quality of living are the building blocks of community

First Pac West and the Solace System provide community infrastructure, workforce accommodations and turnkey operational services for global resource and infrastructure projects. Environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, the Solace System improves quality of life, provides economic opportunities and generates significant cost savings. As an Aboriginal company, First Pac West can maximize the unique features and benefits of the Solace System by engaging in valuable and mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and facilitate economic partnerships with industry.




Inspired by First Nations Architecture

First Nations architecture consistently featured the relationship between structural form and cultural values. Beyond the primary need for shelter, building forms met environmental requirements while expressing spiritual beliefs, linking mankind to the universe. 

Historically, Iroquois and Cree longhouses were comprised of a long narrow structure framed by sharpened and fire-hardened wood poles driven close together into the ground. The roof was made by bending a series of the poles, resulting in an arc-shaped roof. Strips of bark are woven horizontally through the lines of poles to form weatherproof walls. Ideal for extreme weather conditions, this architectural concept inspired the design of the Solace System Longhouse. In keeping with traditional forms, the Solace System Longhouse expresses our cultural values, bringing people together and creating a sense of community.



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